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Welcome to Sobrado!!!

I would like to welcome you on behalf of the Council. This is our website. We will try, with great effort and hard work, to make this meeting point available to you. A dynamic and modern website, at the forefront of technology. Here, we will try that users learn a little more about our municipality. You will have the chance to discover our wonderful landscapes as well as our magnificient monuments, amongst which we must highlight the Monastery of Santa María de Sobrado, recently declarated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. And let us not forget Sobrado´s lagoon or the Roman camp of A Ciadella, also remarkable touristic references in Sobrado.

We would also like to highlight the hospitality shown by our citizens when it comes to welcoming the pilgrims who increasingly arrive in Sobrado following the Northern Way of the Camino de Santiago, which was also declarated World Heritage Site in 2015. Some encouraged by religious convictions, others by a different kind of motivation, but each ot them making a difference in our town and taking with them the warmth and fondness ot the "sobradenses" as they leave.

In this way we want to promote the Council that gives birth to the rivers Tambre and Mandeo, as well as to try, by joining everyone´s efforts and work, to reach the recognition that it deserves at every level. We also seek to make each citizen proud of being from Sobrado, as I am of representing this Council.

Enjoy your stay in Sobrado.

Best regards,

Mayor Lisardo Santos